G a l l e r y


Maxine graduated from the University of the West of England, Bristol in June 2018 with a Masters in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking.

She is an award-winning printmaker and a member of the Bath Society of Artists, she has exhibited in prestigious galleries including the RWA, RBSA, The Master’s Screen and Stone, (Bankside Gallery, London), Interruptions Exhibition in Athens and the Flourish Print Prize 2018 touring exhibition.

The Victoria Gallery as well as in international galleries and private collections.

Maxine Foster works mainly in the mediums of screen print, monotype, dry-point and etching, frequently using palimpsest within the complexity of her multi-layered prints. She takes inspiration from her journey through the urban and natural landscapes, finding beauty in surfaces that have been eroded and changed over time.

She takes inspiration, from her paths through our urban and natural landscape, finding beauty in erosion and surfaces forgotten by time, reflecting and recording these discoveries within her developing practice. Her work captures the constant changes made over decades, that are prevalent in our cities, such as graffiti, decay and day-to-day marks. The intention is to create artwork that appears to have been lifted from the very walls and floors of our metropolis’, giving new life to the discarded and disregarded, thus appreciating the beauty in what may be deemed ugly.

Instagram: @maxinefoster19