Exhibitions 2018:

BSA Members Exhibition: 44AD, Bath

18th October - 3rd November 2018

Athens Print Fest: Interruptions, Felios Foundation, Athens 3rd - 27th October 2018

RBSA Print Prize, Birmingham

26th July - 1st September 2018

MA Multi-Disciplinary Print Show

Bristol UWE (Bower Ashton Campus)

8 - 13 June 2018

See www.uwemaprintshow.com for further details.

BSA 113th Summer Exhibition

Victoria Art Gallery Bath

24 March - 12 May  2018


Maxine is an executive member of

The Bath Society of Artists.

Exhibitions 2017

RWA 165th Annual Open Exhibition

The Royal West Academy Bristol

01 October - 03 December


Arnolfini: 32nd Annual Mini Print

7th December - 24th December

Bath Society of Artists 112th Summer Exhibition

Victoria Art Gallery Bath

20 May - 15 July

Hope Ball: The Forever Friends Appeal

17th June

Exhibitions 2016

BSA Members’ Exhibition at the BRSLI: Drawing - Technique and Purpose

7th - 22nd October


BSA 111th Summer Exhibition

23rd April - 4th June


44AD: Edition 2 - Printmaking Open call

19th - 22nd May


Cloth Road

30th April - 8th May



2015 - November - RWA 163 Annual Exhibition 2005 - 2015 - November - Wine St. Gallery @ No.10, Devizes

2014 - November - Time & Space Artists at 44 AD 2014 - November - Shortlisted for the Clarke Willmott Emerging Artist, Bristol

2014 - October - Wine St. Gallery @ No.10, Devizes - The Affordable Art Show

2014 - September - Walcot chapel, Bath - Four

2014 - August - Wine St. Gallery @ No.10., Devizes

2014 - July - Mariner’s Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall -  BSA members’ exhibition, A Contemporary Survey

2014 - July - CCA, Bristol - 106th annual open

2014 - May - Cloth Road Arts Week, Winsley

2014 - May - BSA 109th annual exhibition

2014 - March - The West Barn, Bradford on Avon

2013 - November - Wine St. Gallery @ No.10, Devizes

2013 - September - The Peacock Trail, Corsham

2012 - Cloth Road Arts Week, Limpley Stoke

2012 - The Victoria Gallery, Bath

2011 - The Victoria Gallery, Bath

2010 - Cloth Road Arts Week, Winsley

2010 - The Victoria Gallery, Bath

2009 - The Victoria Gallery, Bath

2009 - First View Gallery, Stourhead

2009 - The RWA Printmaking exhibition

2009 - A303 Gallery

2009 - The Old Mill Worton, Devizes

2009 - Cloth Road Arts Week, Winsley

2008 - Village Arts - pop up shop, Bradford on Avon

2008 - Bleak House Gallery, Winsley - Images of Bath

2008 - Cloth Road Arts Week, Winsley

2008 - The Victoria Gallery, Bath

2007 - Trinity Hall, Bradford on Avon

2007 - NB Gallery, Trowbridge

2007 - Arc Theatre, Trowbridge 

2007 - Cloth Road Arts Week, Winsley

2007 - Walcot chapel, Bath - Things are coming alive



‘Fragments’ - shortlisted for Flourish Print Prize Yorkshire 2018.

Maxine graduated from the University of the West of England, Bristol in June 2018 with a Masters in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking.

Maxine’s work captures the constant changes made over time that are prevalent in our cities, such as graffiti, decay and day-to-day marks. The intention is to create artwork that appears to have been lifted from the very walls and floors of our metropolis’, giving new life to the discarded and disregarded, thus appreciating the beauty in what may be deemed ugly.

Her work challenges you to look closer the next time you walk past a splash of graffiti or a scrape, and to take the time to notice what is happening all around us. By doing this, she questions why something is with us for a relatively short time, and why some of our precious moments become lost forever, as regeneration takes its place in the queue of changing time.

Maxine creates unique one-off, abstract images, working mainly in the mediums of screen-print, monotype and etching, layering these multiple print processes with mixed media, erasing the substrate and then repeating the process again and again. The decision has been made not to glaze some of her work, as the changes of time are encouraged to leave their own marks on the surface.


2018: Hawthorn Printmakers Supplies Prize to a student or recent Graduate. Flourish Award Exhibition, WYPW. UK

Exhibitions to follow:

Gallery 54, Mayfair London: 17th - 24th March 2019

The Masters: Screen and Stone, Bankside Gallery London 7th - 18th November 2018

‘On the Wagon ll’ - shortlisted for the RBSA Print Prize Birmingham 2018.

‘Fragments: Bristol l’ - shortlisted for The Masters: Screen and Stone, Bankside London 2018.



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